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Break free from a boring career and work for a company you love. One that respects you enough to not use scripts but gives you the freedom to apply your judgment and empowers you to use your personality to reconnect customers with their true love of the streaming story. Don't wait for the next release.

Our CS culture within each of our locations is unique; anchoring on our rich Netflix culture that sets us apart from most other companies.   We focus on an environment that supports freedom and responsibility in everything from how we interact with our customers to how we structure things like time off, our approach to performance and our benefits.  Our culture is one-of-a-kind, with a laser focus on giving our employees what they need -things like competitive pay,subsidized food at our on-site cafeteria and career growth opportunities to name a few – so they can give our customers what they need which is to get back to streaming. We believe every contact is an opportunity to deliver not only the right resolution, but an amazing customer experience as well.

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